Ready for School

Online and Face to Face

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 Program: Ready, Prep, Go!

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 Live online classes with small groups of children (max of 4).

All the benefits of a school readiness group with the added convenience of not having to leave home. 

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Face to Face

Face to face session are now available in January 2021. We have developed a Covid Safe Plan and look forward to the fun and engagement of groups again. 

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Home Practice

Each session includes a parent education topic. Families are given tips and ideas for things to practice at home to increase their child's skill development and create a more balanced, calm home environment. 

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Our Approach

We take a child centered, family based approach to all our groups. This means we work together with parents to help their child thrive. We ensure that we focus on both the child's strengths and areas that need more development.  

Activities for Fine

Motor Skills:

  • Play dough

  • Cutting shapes

  • Playing in the sand

  • Cooking

  • Playing with pegs

  • Lego 

  • Spray bottles