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What day and time is the group?

Currently groups are offered on a Monday and a Friday. You can let us know your preference via the drop down choices on the enrolment page and we will do our best to accomdate you. Spaces fill up quickly.

What if my child can't sit and attend for the whole session?

You are in the right spot! Part of our program is to support children to practice participating in extended group activities, just like they would at school. Emma and Gillian have years of experience supporting children with attention difficulties and over the past year have continued to hone their skills to support these children over telehealth video calls. Strategies to support attention and engagement are embedded into the program and Emma and Gillian are both experts in engaging children with their enthusiasm and fun activities. This program will also offer valuable strategies and insights to support your child to develop their attention skills before starting school.

Do I need to be there?

Yes, parents must be present and participating throughout the session. Emma and Gillian love working collaboratively with parents to model and demonstrate the therapy strategies in real time. This means less additional reading outside the lesson (because let's face it, no parents have time for that). There is also a parent meeting at the end of each group session to discuss key tips and strategies to support your child's transition to school.

What happens if we miss a week?

No stress. If you miss a week we will send you a summary email of what was covered and the materials that we used to ensure that you and your child don't fall behind. The refunds are not available for missed weeks.

How will you tailor the program to meet the needs of my child?

You will be asked questions about your child's needs upon enrollment as well as complete an intake questinnaire once you are allocated to a group. Emma and Gillian will create weekly resources that are tailored to your child's needs and skill level. This program focuses on meeting children where they are at and building on these skills to achieve success. Emma and Gillian both have years of experience tailoring and delivering intervention that enables children to achieve their goals.

Are there any rebates or funding options available / can I use medicare / private health insurance?

You will need to check with your Private health Insurance and NDIS support. There are currently no medicare rebates for children attending school readiness groups.

Will the server/video link be secure?

The video conferencing platform we use is secure and encripted. Only members of the group will have access to the group. Sessions will not be recorded to ensure each families privacy.

How many children will be in each group?

The online group is designed for a maximum of 4 child participants. Face to face groups can have up to 6 children