School Readiness Group Details

Ready, Prep, Go Group 2020


Group sessions run weekly for 7 weeks, beginning in the first week of each term and finishing in mid December. Times and days preferences are on the enrollment page.


Live sessions facilitated by an experienced occupational 

therapist are run via video conferencing from the convenience of your own home. Parent and child will be learning together.

We are also now able to offer face to face groups in some areas.

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You will be provided with list of materials (every day items) as well as weekly handouts and parent educations handouts 

For those attending face to face sessions all materials will be provided for you for a small fee.

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Areas Addressed

  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • Social Skills

  • Self care skills

  • Attention skills

  • Self-regulation

  • Communication skills

  • Parent Education and coaching

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Small group sizes allow for individualised content

(Online max 4 kids)

( Face to Face max 6 kids)

60 mins x 7 sessions

$90 per session = $630 Total

Includes a short summary report at end of program offering feedback on strengths  and areas for further development. 

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Individual Therapy Sessions

Individual telehealth sessions are also available should you feel that would better suit your child's needs. You can make contact via the contact page. Individual Assessment $265

Individual Sessions $175